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Liquid Handlers

- Flexible 8-channel Fluid Workstation

The INNOSMART® D8 is a fully automated 8-channel liquid handling workstation designed for high throughput, precision, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Experience unparalleled speed and functionality with flexible dual 4-channel pipetting modules and 360° operation dual robotic grippers. 


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Highly Integrated

Designed to accommodate integrated functional modules, such as independent dual 4-channel pipetting, shaking, temperature control, transfer capabilities, and includes two standard testing equipment stations

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Precise Pipetting

Solid-state micropump pipetting, provides high-precision  pipetting volumes  of  liquids  between 1-1000μL.

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Automation Consumables

Portfolio of custom designed automation ready consumables, such as glass pipette tips resistant to strong acids, alkalis, and organic solvents, provide great performance.

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Flexible process editing and agile process change with full protocol simulation

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International Standards

21 CFR Part 11 

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Solid-state pump requires little to no maintenance leading to decreased downtime, increased system reliability, and overall cost savings in the long term

Applications Include...

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