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Discover our range of bioreactor solutions and step into a realm where your bioprocesses are not just automated but optimized for efficiency and flexibility. With the capability to execute both fed-batch and perfusion processes, our bioreactors provide a versatile platform for your diverse workflows.

Our compact yet powerful bioreactor is engineered to elevate your bioprocessing capabilities, ensuring precision, reliability, and scalability. Our bioreactor platform and software empower a seamless workflow across any volume, whether it’s a single bioreactor or a hundred bioreactors operating concurrently. This unparalleled flexibility and scalability redefine the boundaries of bioprocessing, providing a dynamic and on-demand scalable solution.

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Our products are manufactured and tested to the highest standards and are known to perform exceptionally to our clients needs.  If however you should need any help with the product then we got your back.  We offer a solid warranty along with a return policy so that your lab is satisfied with our technology!


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Need a little help in learning how to run our products more efficiently?  Why not check out our App Notes section here.

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