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We collaborate closely with our healthcare and life sciences customers at every stage of their journey, from initial exploration to the final steps of production. This partnership model allows us to create cutting-edge automation solutions that significantly boost efficiency and productivity across laboratories of all scales and sizes. Our affordable solutions are precisely developed to enhance all facets of scientific workflows, resulting in fast, precise, and compliant outcomes that contribute to the betterment of health and well-being of all.

With a global team of over 400 dedicated professionals, Velsson has established a wide-ranging portfolio of automation solutions tailored to many scientific applications. Our current product lines include liquid handling systems, automated incubators, robotic workstations, analytical devices, benchtop biologics instrumentations, consumables, and GMP-compliant production systems. Our suite of intuitive user-friendly software products offers end-to-end laboratory integration, control and management enabling seamless information flow and analysis.

Our goal is to work together with our customers and other industry partners to enhance our current products and innovate to create new products and systems that provide superior solutions.

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