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Full Function System / INNOSMART® FFS

INNOSMART®FFS is a full-function system of sample preparation and in-process analytics. It offers process libraries of gene synthesis, gene analytics, transfection,cell culture, purification,LC-MS sample preparation,compound synthesis, compound screening, etc.

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Integrate 4+4-channel pipetting, 96-channel pipetting, pumping, centrifuge, metal bath, PCR, microplate reader, vacuum filtration, decapper, shaker(with temperature control) and other process units.

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Compatible with 10μL, 50μL, 100μL, 300μL, 1000μL filter tips, sterile/enzyme free/pyrogen free.

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Over 20 categories’ decappers for different consumables.

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Six-axis robot realizes flexible process operation.

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Process Editor

Flexible process editing, and agile process change.Full process verification by simulation.

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Laminar Flow

A-level laminar flow environmental protection to ensure the safety of experiment.

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International Standards

21 CFR Part 11

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Exception Handling

Smart exception handling.

Applications Include...

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