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- Smart Fluid System

The INNOSMART®SFS is an intelligent fluid handling system that stands at the forefront of flexibility and modularity. Designed to revolutionize liquid handling tasks in research, diagnostics, and drug discovery, this innovative system promises unparalleled speed, efficiency and precision. Its cutting-edge technology enables rapid and accurate dispensing of liquids across a wide range of volumes ensuring consistent and reproducible results every time.

What sets this fast liquid handler apart is its modular design, which allows users to customize and adapt the system to meet their specific needs and workflows. Whether you’re performing high-throughput screening, complex assays, or simple dilutions, this versatile platform can be tailored to suit the demands of any application. Its intuitive software interface simplifies programming and operation, while its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.


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Speed & Accuracy

Twice the speed with pinpoint positional accuracy for precise and efficient liquid dispensing

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Small Footprint

Compact footprint with optimized design to maximize valuable lab bench space without compromising on performance

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Flexibility to integrate modules, accessories, or automation components, enabling seamless scalability and adaptability to accommodate any workflow

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Seamlessly integrates with automation systems and leading scheduling software to create efficient workflow automation solutions

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Laminar Flow

Built-in laminar flow technology, ensuring contamination-free and consistent experimental results

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Flexible process editing and agile process change with full protocol simulation

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International Standards


21 CFR Part 11


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Solid-state pump requires little to no maintenance leading to decreased downtime, increased system reliability, and overall cost savings in the long term

Applications Include...

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